Cloud Focused

(By that we mean AWS)

Incident Response & Security Solutions

Ephemeral Systems was born in the heart of the Oregon mountains and grew from passion - a passion for open source and for emergent cloud technologies. As we started building the open source project, ThreatResponse, the need for better tools to manage cloud infrastructures became apparent.

Jeff Parr and Andrew Krug have joined forces to follow those passions and deliver cloud-centric products that strengthen AWS security.

Jeff Parr

Jeff is a builder, technologist, and a skilled communicator. He has 18 years of consulting expertise, from the early web to emerging cloud technologies, with clients ranging from F100 to start-ups. Whether acting as a client-guide or full stack engineer, Jeff's user-centric approach results in client-care that is attuned to meeting unmet needs.


Andrew Krug

Andrew Krug is a Security Engineer for Mozilla Corporation working on Cloud Security and Identity and Access Management. Krug also works as a Cloud Security consultant and started the ThreatResponse project a toolkit for Amazon Web Services first responders. Krug has been a speaker at Black Hat USA, DerbyCon, and BSides PDX.